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Lynda Dennehy



At the age of 44 I was diagnosed with Diabetes. This was quite a shock as there are no diabetics in my family and I had no warning signs, I was just having annual blood work so they retested me to confirm – the results came back the same.  It was assumed that I was type 2 due to my age so they started me off with a restricted diet and I just upped my exercise routine which should have helped control my BG but it didn’t so I was prescribed Metformin and still no change so I was referred to a doctor that specialized in diabetes and was told if my BG reaches 300 and is unable to control it I will need to go onto insulin. Six months came and so did the 300 BG that was uncontrollable. He did one more test called a Pepcid C which confirmed I was actually a type 1 diabetic.
I soon changed doctors as my current doctor was not very supportive in my comfort so onto an Endocrinologist. This was definitely the right decision for me and within 8 months I decided to go onto an Insulin Pump. Best decision I could have made. This really simplifies and if you’re not comfortable with injection the only way to go.

In my journey I did lose a lot of weight and actually became underweight in the first few months of being diagnosed and kept pretty good control of my diabetes, my doctor was pleased with my control and I was told that I was definitely one of his best patients.

As I got older and reached the age of 50, so did my weight, I really never dieted before as I never really had any problems with too much weight but now I was trying and exercising more and more with no real results. I went from about 115 (age 44) to 169 (age 56) Frustrated and not knowing where to turn I was lucky to have met Mark Macdonald , Venice Nutrition founder, fitness expert, nutrition expert, author of Body Confidence and TV personality. He started talking about Blood Sugar Stabilization! Wow!  I felt he was talking to me.  I bought his book and read it very quickly and started incorporating his information into my life. I had a little difficulty understanding some of the format but then he came out with a program called the 28 day jump start. I told my husband, I am doing this! He was like, well I do most of the cooking so that would mean I need to do this to. He really didn’t want to but he knew how much I was set on doing it to get my health back on track so he jumped onboard with me.

After going through the 28 day jumpstart I lost 15 pounds! I was down to 154, I was so excited but hit a plateau and nothing seemed to work, I thought I was changing up my exercise routine but not enough to help get over that hump.  In April of 2014 Mark came out with a new line of Protein and Core products to incorporate into your healthy eating and exercise plan and also a new program called: The 8 week transformation – it is a Core Challenge program that is just amazing!  After the 8 weeks to my amazement I reached 137. I feel amazing and never thought I could get down to this weight again and my BG is staying very well controlled. I am even taking less insulin. As a type 1 diabetic I must stay on insulin to survive until the day a cure is found but if I can take less that makes me happy. Not sure if you realize but insulin does tend to put weight on you so that is one reason for my weight gain, along with a slower metabolism and less activity once I hit age 50.

This program has changed my life and now I want to help others get back their health as I have and if you improve your health you may be able to get off of your medications and you will live a long healthier life.



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